Is Binance Safe? [+ How To Save 20% Trading Fees]

In recent years, online traders have seen Binance as one of the most effective trading platforms available.

It is a high-performing, high-profile, international brokerage that has consistently been able to deliver a large volume of trades and a steady income for its users.

But does Binance actually offer the protection that it claims to?

In their relatively brief lifetime, Binance has developed a very strong reputation in the online cryptocurrency market.

But are they really the best choice for you?

In this short article, we will look at the safety, fees, technical support and platform functionality. We’ll then discuss whether Binance is really the right trading platform for you and whether there are other platforms that might be more suited.

Binance Security Measures

The safety of Binance is a given. This means that it has a robust and dependable system, and that all the users of this system are completely aware of its features and how they work.

This means that users are guaranteed a high level security. This means that you can be sure that your personal and financial information is safe. This is particularly important in the crypto market, where your broker will likely be offering you higher levels of security than you would usually receive from a local broker.

Binance Registration and Security Setups

In this fourth learning module, you will learn about registration and security in Binance, therefore, we will start with the creation of an account in the number 1 trading platform of cryptocurrencies. After that you will be able to invest and buy your own cryptocurrencies.

Please note that if you wish you can enter the affiliation code provided below, so that both you and I can benefit from trading on the Binance platform. However, it is not mandatory or necessary.


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How can we register and activate security on the Binance platform

How to register?

To register on the Binance platform, please follow these steps, remembering to keep yourself updated!

1. Entering Binance

We entered the Binance website. After that, at the top right side we can choose the language in which we want to see the Binance platform and the currency of our country.

2. Register

Secondly, by clicking on the yellow button at the top right, we can register with our email or cell phone number. We recommend placing a strong or high security key.

This step is optional, you can enter our referral code ( IBF0XIJC ). Therefore you will get certain benefits ( 20% discount on commissions ) just like us.

After that, click on the create account button, then a confirmation code will be sent to your email, confirm and continue.

3. Welcome to Binance

A welcome screen will appear, where you can choose how to start, depositing funds or if we simply want to buy cryptocurrencies directly.

We will put security in our Binance account, registration and security in Binance to be protected to the maximum. We start logging in (we put our email and password).

We pass the mouse over the account icon on the right side above and select “Security”. After that a panel appears with many security options, which we will manage.

In the upper part of the panel, you will see some actions (marked with a red x) that you should do urgently (priority) to have your account with a minimum of security.

binance security measures

  • 2FA, the first option, is to identify you every time you enter your Binance account. It even allows you to do it in 4 levels (security key, google authentication, SMS authentication and email verification). We therefore recommend that you have SMS authentication and google authentication activated.
  • We can manage and see which devices have been or are connected to our Binance platform. In other words, you can delete a device so that your key is not saved.
  • Password – here you can change your password.
  • Identity verification, this security step is essential, first we click on verify and we will fill several levels. In personal data we click on verify (yellow button). We select our country and fill in the information requested.Next, we will be asked for a photo of our ID card. In the same way, we can identify ourselves through the camera of our laptop or cell phone.
    You can set withdrawal limits (by default the limit of withdrawing up to 2 Bitcoin every 24 hours is activated).
  • Address management, here you can place the personal addresses of your wallets in other platforms, this will allow you to make withdrawals only to these addresses (avoiding sending crypto money or money to other wallets). It is recommended to add.
  • Anti-phishing code, Binance allows us to create a special code, for example we create the code (FutureCoins12345) so any mail sent to us by Binance must have this code. If the mail does not have our code created, then it is not reliable and we must delete it.

In conclusion, as you can see, the security in the Binance platform is excellent, for something it is one of the best worldwide. Likewise, the registration and security at Binance is excellent. Therefore, with this module we want you to learn and understand the security measures we can take at Binance.

Security in Binance – an Exchange with a lot of Protection

In other words, there is no doubt that with all the security measures (explained above) activated, we can feel confident that our account on the Binance platform is safe. Thanks to all those security measures, Binance shows the great reliability it has in the whole cryptocurrency market.

This all means that you can rest assured that if there is ever any suspicious activity on your account that the trader will quickly be revealed and you will know that they will not be able to access any of your assets or your money.

Of course, Binance does charge a fee for this added level of security. However, this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that this service brings to your trading experience. It is also much less expensive than the huge loss of funds that can result from losing your funds or assets to a hacker.

However, one area that can often affect the ease of use of a platform is the way that they handle the transfer of your funds. You will find that some platforms do allow their traders to send their funds between brokers without any delay. others do not. If you trade a lot, then this can mean that you may be waiting for hours before your broker can complete this transaction, or even for days.

As is the case with many crypto trading platforms, Binance offers a very simple transfer process. In fact, it is the easiest transfer process that is available for a cryptocurrency trader, which means that it will not take a long time to complete the process. A withdrawal transfer should be completed as quickly as possible by the platform, so that you do not need to worry about any delays in your transactions. You will get a confirmation email about the successful withdrawal short after, within the next hour.

Technical Support

When it comes to the technical support that is available through the platform, you will find that it is excellent. This is especially true if you have a broker with whom you will already be trading regularly. The support team at Binance will be able to advise you of any problems that may arise with the trading platform.

The trading platform that is provided by Binance is also very user friendly. Unlike many other trading platforms, you will find that there are many different options available. These options will include options to use different currencies in your trades, as well as options to place limits on how much leverage you are willing to use.

Of course, if you do not feel comfortable using the platform without risking any of your own funds, you can open a demo account. This option will let you see the features of the platform without actually risking any money. However, you will only be able to use the feature if you have a test account.

In terms of the overall look and feel of the crypto broker, you will find that it has all the features that a pro trader would want. In particular, you will find that it has a visual charting tool that you can use to monitor the performance of your trades.