How To Earn Bitcoins

Here are some different ways to earn Bitcoins. This information is available in English as a separate website under Earn Bitcoins. If you want to buy bitcoins, this is it. This article is not about trading btc, if that is what you are looking for, check out the website here.

Get Payed in Bitcoin instead of Fiat Money

The best way to earn bitcoins is to accept bitcoins as a means of payment. Since this method has such a high importance, there is the side to accept bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins by cloud mining

Bitcoin mining is the process by which new bitcoins are generated. When you perform mining, you add new Bitcoin transactions to the block chain (a public journal of all Bitcoin transactions / transfers). In addition, your calculator is looking for new blocks when mining. A block is a directory of the most recent bitcoin transactions. If your computer finds a new block, the next Bitcoin transactions are committed in it. As a reward for finding the new block you get a certain amount of bitcoins. At the moment there are 25 BTC per block. This number halves at certain intervals.

If you want to earn bitcoins by mining, you have to do a similar cost / benefit calculation as described above for BitcoinPlus. The process is time consuming and energy intensive. You will find a first entry in this Mining Guide. More accurate calculations are possible with the Mining Dashboard. On there are Coupons for bitcoin mining which is pretty cool.

Earn free bitcoins by solving tasks on websites

There are many websites that offer free Bitcoins. Most have the following concept. You earn bitcoins by solving different tasks. For most sites, the task is simply to look at ads. This has something in common with good old free TV. You see a lot of advertising and you get something you really want, a movie or music videos. Or just bitcoins. The concept is legitimate, of course, but the revenue for the time spent is relatively low. The bitcoins are so far not really free, but a reward for your own time. According to the quote ‘there is no free lunch’ (freely translated ‘there is nothing in vain’). But just look at it yourself. Here is a list of pages that I personally find interesting.

FaucetBTC : Make Bitcoins by visiting this website (and see the ads). There are many such sites. I chose these by chance. Basically there are few differences. When you come to the page, you enter your Bitcoin address and fill in the CAPTCHA. You can repeat it as often as you like. However, only once every 30 minutes. For each visit you will receive 0.0000025 BTC (as of August 2013, the amount is likely to change as the exchange rate increases). After the visit, your reward will be sent to the page This happens in order to bundle many very small payments to a larger one. If you visit many sites like FaucetBTC at the same time, it can keep you busy. And you deserve a few Satoshis by the way.

BitVisitor : Bitcoins earn for watching websites or videos. Each page will be displayed for you for five minutes. Then you click on ‘Next’ to confirm and you get to the next page. What I generally like about this page is that the payout takes place every hour. This is not so fast on other comparable sites. In addition, you do not need a user account but can start right after you have specified your Bitcoin address. The number of bitcoins you can earn here is quite limited. You get about 100 ╬╝BTC per five minutes (that’s 100 micro coins or 0.00001 BTC). This means that your payout per hour is approximately 0.00012 BTC. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s a great way to earn your first Satoshis. Incidentally, you get to know Bitcoin better and sees first moves in the Bitcoin Wallet. Here is a wallet list. : Make Bitcoins by getting a payoff for online purchases. Here you do not need a user account and can start right away.

CoinWorker : Make Bitcoins by solving analytical tasks. Here you need a user account. I did not try the site. The payouts seem to be slightly above the pages mentioned above

Rugatu : Earn bitcoins by answering questions in a forum. Rugatu is an interesting service as it brings together people who are interested in bitcions and many other things. For answering questions, small rewards can be advertised in the form of bitcoins. Such a site would not be possible without Bitcoins. Only through fast and cheap money transfer, the remuneration system is possible.

By solving tasks on websites you can earn a few bitcoins. But you should not expect a very high yield. In my view, it’s a great way to familiarize yourself with bitcoins and see what’s possible with smooth money transfers.

Earn Bitcoins from interest income

If you already have a few bitcoins, you can let them work for you. Give your bitcoins and earn interest with them. There are the following options we found on

Lend BTC directly to a person you know. That way you know best whether the person is trustworthy and is likely to pay your money back. You both just have to agree on the basic data such as maturity and interest rate. The disadvantage here is that you probably do not have a lot of acquaintances, the Bitcoins to those of you who would like to borrow presented conditions.

Peer to peer Bitcoin lending sites such as Bitbond list various loan requests from borrowers. You can view these requests and decide which Bitcoin loans you would like to co-finance. A Bitcoin loan usually works in the same way as a traditional bank loan in a traditional currency. Two things are important here. Both the borrower and the platform must be trustworthy. The platform even plays a bigger role than the borrower himself. When the platform looks closely at the claimants and checks their creditworthiness, they rely on the assessment of the platform. So you have to look closely if you want to earn interest on bitcoins.

Bitcoin banking models. Here you deposit a Bitcoin credit on a corresponding page. This is remunerated at a certain interest rate. Like everything else, this method has its advantages and disadvantages. An advantage is that you get your investment amount in total interest. You do not have to worry about which ones different borrower you want to distribute your invested amount. The disadvantage is that you completely trust the bank. The bank also has to invest your bitcoins in return to earn the interest it pays you. If the bank is not good at investing bitcoins, you can lose your entire deposit. And Bitcoins do not even have a deposit insurance.

Overall, lending bitcoins is a very good way to earn bitcoins without much work. Pay special attention to which side you are doing this and put the same criteria you would put on a bank. Above all, clean terms and a registered company should be present.